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Gets you CASH BACK on other agents' commission advances.

Become an Ambassador and start building your passive referral empire today!

Ambassador Program

...for virtually no extra work on your part. 


Start building your passive referral income! 

Hundreds of Agents Served.

$4,296,000 in Advances.

The Ambassador referral program offers real estate agents the opportunity to...


We'll send you your first set of referral cards with your own unique promo code. Think of them as "magic tickets for passive income."


Step #1:

Once a referred agent completes a commission advance, you'll receive a gift card in the mail! And it doesn't stop at one. You'll get $25 for every single completed referral advance.

Hand the cards out to other real estate agents. Tell them to use your promo code when they apply for a commission advance with Advanced Commission. Then, all you have to do is wait for the cash to roll in.

Step #2:

Step #3:

How does the Ambassador program work, and what's in it for you?

Gets you CASH BACK on other agents' commission advances.