Did you know it takes just 5 to 10 seconds to form a first impression? Yep, it’s that fast. So, let’s say a potential lead lands on your website or social profile. You basically have 5 seconds to hook them! Don’t panic. We’ll show you how to use the power of video to capture them, hook, line, and sinker.

Homes listed with video get 4X the inquiries (not just clicks!) of homes listed without. Can you afford NOT to use video marketing?

Using statistics compiled from the Google/NAR “The Digital House Hunt” study and a study by international listing website Domain.com, Inman lists three reasons that video marketing is a must:

  • 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video.
  • Homes listed with video get 4X the inquiries of homes listed without video.
  • Including video in emails doubles the click-through rate and reduces opt-outs by 75%.

Those are some powerful statistics that can’t be ignored!

Making marketing videos may sound expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, especially if you’ve never created or edited videos before, but luckily, there are a multitude of video services such as Animoto that can help you leverage video to the fullest while making you look like a pro.

Animoto is an affordable, user-friendly online video builder made with marketing in mind  — exactly what you need for reeling in new clients! Simply upload photos or video clips (like quick videos you’ve recorded with your smartphone), and Animoto will compile a video that you can post and share anywhere. In an earlier blog, we wrote about the importance of consistent branding for earning loyal clients and increasing sales, so you’ll want to think about your brand as you’re building your video. What do you want to convey about your business and ideal clientele? Be sure to add music and visual filters that really make it scream “you.”

To get started, here are four easy ways to use Animoto videos to turn potential leads into future clients.

1. Agent introduction video

An introduction video gives you a jump start on developing a personal relationship with leads before you even speak to them! Research shows that seeing a face in a video builds trust, and that sense of trust is vital in the relationship between agent and client.

Your introduction video can be a compilation of images or you can use a video recorded with your smartphone or webcam. Regardless, keep it professional but personable. In a few words, share who you are and what you offer. Don’t be afraid to include a few well-placed, tasteful accolades — your strengths, specialties, and benefits of working with you — to keep your expertise top-of-mind when leads are ready to act

2. Testimonials from happy clients

Word-of-mouth marketing, including client testimonials, is more effective than any other type of marketing because we trust the opinions of people like us. Use this to your advantage by featuring your happy clients in a testimonial video!

Ask your favorite clients to record a short 10- to 30-second video describing their positive experiences with you (tangible, specific results are usually the most powerful), and use Animoto to compile them into one testimonial video. Once you have your video tweaked the way you want it, feature it in a prominent place on your website. Alternatively, try using a series of quote cards, which just means putting someone’s quote onto an image. They can be “stock” images, but even better, include a photo of your testimonial client. Easy, free, drag-and-drop online design programs like Canva can turn even the most design-challenged person into a budding design star.

3. Listing presentation

Nothing catches buyers’ eyes more than high-quality images and videos of properties. Instead of relying on just photos to show off the features and appeal of a property, use a video. If you don’t have video footage, don’t stress. You can still use a series of photos as your video – video editing programs add movement to the photos so it “watches” like video. Either way, buyers will find video more appealing and memorable than static photos alone.

Choose music that helps capture the feel of a property; jaunty music works well for young families purchasing their starter home, whereas sophisticated or classical music pairs well with luxury properties for established buyers.

4. Market review

New and potential homeowners are always curious about the state of the market, and a concise video is a fantastic way for them to access quick highlights. In your market review video, use a combination of images and text to feature information like recently-sold and -listed properties, trends in the local market, and tips on how buyers and sellers can get what they want in the current market. A well-executed market review video will result in an instant “share” with viewers’ friends and families, too.

Building on-brand marketing videos doesn’t have to be a ton of work — it can actually be a lot of fun! — and the results are well worth it. Tools like Animoto make it easy to leverage this powerful marketing tool and get you on your way to hooking 400% more leads.

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