Whether you are new to the real estate game or a seasoned agent, you might feel like all your time and money goes into building your businesss.  But don’t forget that taking care of YOU is equally important! Using your hard-earned money to treat yourself could also boost productivity and ultimately your deal flow.

Here are a few ways to put yourself first while giving your business momentum:

Updating your home office space is a personal and professional investment.

Continuing Education

While taking a class might not be your idea of “fun,” investing in your education is imperative to staying current with the ever-changing market. Is there some aspect of real estate you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Maybe there’s a need in your market that can be fulfilled by a savvy agent like you. Expanding your knowledge and expertise is always money well spent.

A Home Office

It’s funny how working at a desk, instead of the kitchen table, can make you feel more productive. Investing in a nice desk and office chair (or maybe a standing desk) will give you the motivation to dedicate more time and energy to your work.

Some Updated Threads

Yes, we’re suggesting you go shopping! There is something called “The Primacy Effect,” which basically states that people have a natural tendency to remember things in relativity to their first experience with them. Translation: first impressions are everything! Anywhere you go could be the first place you meet a potential client. And like it or not, they will be judging you by what you are wearing. You will want to look and FEEL professional and confident in every situation — especially at business-related events. Investing in your wardrobe is not something to scoff at; it’s essential to your marketing!

Ride in Style

There’s no need to go out and buy a new BMW (unless you can really afford it), but valuing what you drive sends an important message. You are on the road for much of your day — showing houses, meeting clients, parking in driveways of open houses — so your car is readily seen by many. Once again, we refer to The Primacy Effect: first impressions are everything. Take care of your vehicle and keep it looking fine! At the very least, have any glaring dents or scratches repaired, take it to the car wash regularly, and have it serviced on a regular basis so that it is reliable enough to get you to appointments on time. If you are in your ’82 Honda praying for the engine to start every morning, there’s no shame in upgrading.

Your time and money should be spent the way YOU want. Done judiciously and with purpose, investing in yourself first can be a stellar way to invest in your business.