In real estate, we are always looking for that “silver bullet” — the magic pill that will effortlessly take our production from 5 deals per year to 100 deals per year.

Well, guess what? The magic pill does exist! And you probably already have it right on your laptop. The most important thing in a real estate agent’s tool box is their database. Without a database, it’s likely that you will never reach your full business potential.

The easiest way to builld your database is to simply introduce yourself!

The easiest way to builld your database is to simply introduce yourself!

If you are like most agents, the hardest part of filling up your database is finding enough willing and able customers. This is where The Governor Campaign comes in. No, we are not suggesting that you run for office, but we are suggesting that you think like a politician. What is the one thing politicians do really well? Get support and get elected! They are always campaigning for your vote. We can use this same principle to build our databases.

Think about all the people you interact with throughout your day. Do they all know you are a real estate agent? If they don’t, why not? Your morning barista, your car mechanic, your spin class instructor, and your kids’ teachers could ALL be referral sources for you, if you just take the initiative of telling them what you do.

Here’s your first step: the next time you are at your kid’s soccer game (PTA conference, dance class, etc.), turn to the parent beside you and ask them what they do for a living.  Hear them out first, then simply say, “I’m in real estate and the market is crazy right now!” Then stop talking. They will almost always ask, “Really? Why?” This is your opportunity to give them your 20 second elevator pitch on your local market, then close with The Governor Campaign to ask for their “vote,” or business.

Here is how easy it is:

You: If you, your family, or co-workers were thinking about buying or selling a home, who do you think you would you refer your business to?

Parent: Well, how about you?

You: Great, that means a lot. We really depend on referrals for our business. If I come across some information that affects your home’s value, would it be ok if I forward that to you?

Parent: Sure, thanks!

You: Great! Can I get your email address?

Boom! Your database just grew by one potential client and referral source! This is the easiest and most overlooked marketing tool you could be using daily. The Governor Campaign could be the golden ticket that makes your business soar!

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