Whether you are new to the real estate game or a seasoned agent, you might feel like all your time and money goes into building your business.  But don’t forget that taking care of YOU is equally important! Using your hard-earned money to treat yourself could also boost productivity and ultimately your deal flow.

Here are a few ways to put yourself first while giving your business momentum:

Continuing Education

While taking a class might not be your idea of “fun,” investing in your education is imperative to staying current with the ever-changing market. Is there some aspect of real estate you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Maybe there’s a need in your market that can be fulfilled by a savvy agent like you. Expanding your knowledge and expertise is always money well spent.

Updating your home office space is a personal and professional investment.

A Home Office

It’s funny how working at a desk, instead of the kitchen table, can make you feel more productive. Investing in a nice desk and office chair (or maybe a standing desk) will give you the motivation to dedicate more time and energy to your work.

The Right Tools

It’s a great time to be a tech-savvy agent! There are a multitude of tools designed to help you be more productive and run your business with ease. Invest in tools that inspire you and help you work more efficiently. For example, a premium email service like Spark can eliminate the stress of tackling emails — it learns your habits and automatically sorts emails for you in a clean, well-designed environment. Additionally, a customer relationship manager (CRM) is a must-have business purchase. We’ve written about CRMs extensively and can’t stress enough how much a CRM can help your business skyrocket! 

Your time and money should be spent the way YOU want. Done judiciously and with purpose, investing in yourself first can be a stellar way to invest in your business.





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