If you haven’t yet joined the 124 million Americans who have caught the podcast bug, now’s the time! (And if you have, congrats! You’re riding the rocket of one of today’s most popular and influential forms of edutainment.)

Learn on the go with these great podcasts!

With 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes, podcasts — audio programs you can listen to (and sometimes watch) on your computer or smart devices — can no longer be ignored! One of the most convenient sources for gathering exciting, innovative, and valuable information, “podcasting” is the perfect way for busy agents to stay inspired and motivated, as they can often provide crucial resources for taking your life and your business to new heights.  In fact, a March 2018 report from podcastinsights.com (including stats from Nielson’s Q3 2017 findings) shows that most podcast listeners are “…affluent and educated.”  Whether it’s learning how to build better habits or how to “growth hack” (using innovation to quickly scale) your biz, there’s a little something for everyone in the bite-sized world of podcasts.

The good? There are tons of great podcasts to choose from. The not-so-good? There are tons of great podcasts to choose from! Once you start down the rabbit hole of bigger, better, and more inspiring podcast episodes, you’ll find that there’s not enough time in the day to listen to them all! To help you out, we’ve selected five of the best podcasts by business experts, growth hackers, and productivity gurus who provide actionable advice that will help you succeed. All of these shows are available for free online, and you can listen with your favorite podcast app. Which app should you use? iOS users can easily search, stream, and download episodes via the built-in iTunes app; Android devices have the built-in Google Play app. While both of these apps are adequate for the less-committed podcast listener, once you’re ready to move beyond the basics, have fun with full-featured apps like Pocket Casts for iOS or Android ($4 – $13) and Overcast for iOS devices ($10 for premium).

GSD Mode with Joshua Smith

Formerly called Leveling Up, host Joshua Smith cranked his show up a notch with a new name: GSD Mode, which is short for “Get Sh*t Done.” That alone should tell you what you can expect from this high-energy podcast by Smith, who has been named one of the Top Realtors®. Although his guests come from different fields and industries, Smith always brings it back around for fellow Realtors®, offering insight specific to agents’ businesses. If you want to listen to him chat with other Realtors® who dominate in their spaces, all of those interviews are compiled here.

Entrepreneurs On Fire with John Lee Dumas

If you’re feeling that business slump, this show is sure to reignite your passion! In this wildly popular business podcast, host John Lee Dumas interviews entrepreneurs from all walks of life, but much of the stories are universal: if you put in the work, you’ll see the results. Although this show isn’t specific to real estate, the takeaways are specific and valuable. Dumas shares data-driven strategies about sales, business, and marketing, such as generating leads, marketing automation, and building brand loyalty – information that a savvy Realtor® can surely leverage.

Listen to Entrepreneurs On Fire here.

The #AskGaryVee Show

It’s impossible to talk about growth hacking and productivity without including Gary Vaynerchuk (more popularly known as “Gary Vee”). Vaynerchuk gained popularity in the early 2000s through his ecommerce businesses and is now a well-known venture capitalist, writer, speaker, and of course, podcaster. The #AskGaryVee Show is simple: Vaynerchuk answers listener-submitted questions about business, social media, marketing, and more. Nothing is off the table, and Vaynerchuk provides honest insight backed by his unbeatable experience.

Listen to the #AskGaryVee Show here.

So Money

Voted “Top Podcast to Grow Your Business” by Inc. magazine, So Money is a fun, fresh show all about finance and business, designed with hustlers in mind. Host Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial correspondent who has a knack for breaking down dense business topics like investment and business strategy and making them easy to digest and even entertaining. We recommend starting with this interview with Tami Pardee, famous Los Angeles real estate mogul, in which Pardee and Torabi discuss the best real estate moves to make in 2018.

Listen to So Money here.

The 5 AM Miracle

What’s a trait that many successful people share? They’re early risers! Waking up early — like, 5 a.m. early — gives you a chance to “dominate your day before breakfast,” argues Jeff Sanders, host of The 5 AM Miracle. Sanders, a prolific public speaker, interviews industry experts and entrepreneurs in this engaging and approachable bi-weekly show. Need a reason to get up that early? You’ll get plenty of ideas from Sanders’ guests who share the habits and routines that have led them to success. Hearing what’s possible when you add a few more hours to your day makes it hard not to be inspired to set your alarm for 5 a.m.

Listen to The 5 AM Miracle podcast here.

These are just a few of our top-rated podcasts to get you started. Still want more? Be sure to check out the top shows in the real estate, business, and marketing categories on iTunes. These top charts are aggregated from actual listener reviews, and it’s a great way to keep your queue full.

Are you ready to knock some s#*! out? Stay educated, informed, and inspired while optimizing your time: make podcasts a regular part of your day.

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