It’s the juggernaut of social media. It’s the first place many of us go for interaction, laughs, news, and recommendations. For real estate agents, it could be an incredible lead source. The question is: Are you using Facebook to its full potential?

The depths of Facebook marketing are extensive and can be extremely overwhelming, so it’s best to take it one step at a time. When it comes to Facebook advertising campaigns, the possibilities are practically endless. While it can take multiple campaigns to test what really works for generating leads and capturing your market, fortunately, it’s relatively easy to switch up your strategies without breaking your budget.

Unlock your Facebook marketing potential with a few tweaks to your business page.

Unlock your Facebook marketing potential with a few tweaks to your business page.

In this article, we’re going to start at ground zero with some simple steps to make sure your business page is airtight, and that it actually works harder for you – especially if you plan to initiate a Facebook campaign — or any type of digital campaign — in the future. If you’re eager to get started with more advanced marketing tools, check out Facebook’s eLearning courses here, but make sure you have the basics in place first!

In order to maximize your Facebook business page exposure, and ultimately, increase your deal flow, ask yourself these 5 questions when setting up or managing your page:

Is my business profile searchable on Google?

Your business profile should be a separate entity from your personal profile. And unlike your personal profile, you want non-“friends” to be able to find your business page, even outside of Facebook. Here is how to manually make your business profile searchable.

Once you have that set up, make sure to include your business name (i.e., John Smith – ABC Realty) in the title of your page, your URL, your tabs – everything. Be consistent in your labeling so you are always found on search engines.

Does my content answer questions for potential clients?

It’s easy to casually post listings here and there, hoping for a bite. But providing actual, relevant information through your posts will catch the attention of current clients and future potential buyers. Original content is ideal, but interesting news and tidbits from other resources work well, too. Don’t be afraid to repurpose content and put your own spin on it as long as you credit the sources. Put yourself in your clients’ or future clients’ shoes and think about what YOU would want to know about as far as selling or buying a home in your market.

Are my “likes” niche-specific?

This can be a hard one to swallow. Many of us tend to think that any and all exposure must be good, but that’s simply not the truth. Christina Ethridge from says, “Facebook page ‘likes’ are the foundation to your targeting on Facebook, which means you want them highly targeted. You want them to be people in your market who are most likely to buy or sell.”

Do you find that most of your “likes” are from other agents or brokers? How are they going to help your business, other than the occasional referral? They aren’t. Start targeting your page “likes” to people in the community who can bring you business.

Am I posting consistently?

Marketing 101: Consistency is key! Your Facebook business page should show activity twice a week, if not more. When you go to a page that hasn’t had any posts for over a month, you probably wonder if that business is still open. And if they are, you wonder how responsive they would be to you if they can’t even keep up with Facebook. You don’t want people questioning your customer service. Set yourself a reminder, and keep your Facebook (and other social profiles) active.

Is there variety in my posts?

Variety is the spice of marketing! Your page should consist of a multitude of posts. From listings, to blog posts, to funny memes, to testimonials – use them all! The more types of posts you have, the more “shares” (and the more reach) you will get from your page. So, spice it up!

These 5 steps are just the tip of the iceberg for Facebook marketing. But once you have all these boxes checked, you can start digging into the specific marketing campaigns Facebook has to offer. That way, when all your new customers find you, they’ll be amazed by what they see. Happy posting!


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