August is coming to an end, kids are going back to school, and football season is kicking off. Before we know it, the grocery store aisles will be filled with pumpkin-flavored everything. Fall is quickly approaching, and this could mean a surge in home sellers wanting to get their house listed before winter sets in – good news for you!

With the holidays coming up and a plethora of adorable autumn trinkets at craft stores, your clients might be tempted to decorate their house in a “festive” manner. While this might get potential buyers in the fall spirit, it can easily be overdone and turn people off. With your help, sellers can stage their home to create all the comfy feels that fall brings without having it look like a pumpkin patch exploded in their living room.

Here are a few ways to stage homes seasonally and effectively:

Setting out apple cider and treats for potential buyers is a great way to embrace fall tastefully.

Setting out apple cider and treats for potential buyers is a great way to embrace fall tastefully.

Embrace the Fall Colors

One of the most lovable things about fall is the beautiful color scheme associated with falling leaves and early sunsets. Adding pops of color from the autumn palette is an easy way to make your clients’ homes look elegant and seasonal. A red pillow here, an orange rug there, maybe a vase full of colorful branches on the dining table — could all enhance the space within your client’s home. A quick trip to TJ Maxx or other home goods stores is all it takes to create this colorful ambiance!

Light It Up!

Shorter days and longer nights mean evening showings will need an extra shot of light. Have clients test out the lighting before scheduling buyers to make sure every room looks nice and bright. If necessary, purchase a few new lamps or relocate existing ones to ensure proper lighting. It will be well worth the effort. Try to aim for 100 watts of light per 50 square feet. Replace dim yellow lights in lamps and pocket lighting with brighter LEDs. Make sure to open all curtains and blinds for every showing and open house to incorporate as much natural light as possible.

Comfy, Cozy Accents

Use the chilly weather to your advantage by emphasizing comfort inside the home. This could be as simple as draping a soft throw blanket over the edge of an armchair or the end of a bed. An extra-plush pillow on every couch will give buyers a sense of warmth as the cold winter approaches.

Warm It Up with a Fire

There are some obvious precautions you will need to take with live fire, but if the home has a fireplace, this is a perfect opportunity to show it off! If it makes sense and the homeowners will be nearby for showings, a warm, crackling fire in the fireplace will bump up the home’s “cozy” factor. Since the fireplace will be a focal point, don’t forget to decorate the mantel with tasteful fall accessories.

Stay on Top of the Yard

The only real downside to the beautiful fall leaves is that they end up all over the yard. A few leaves scattered sparingly throughout the bushes can add to the ambiance, but piles of leaves covering the walkway and the grass is an issue. Make sure sellers continue to maintain their yard throughout the sales process to keep their curb appeal high.

Seasonal Scents and Treats

So, we have the beautiful autumn colors, the cozy accents, and the roaring fire. What’s the other thing that makes fall so uniquely appealing? The variety of smells! Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon – yum! Instead of the traditional seasonal candles, offer to set up a simmer pot for your clients. A simmer pot is simply a boiling pot of water and yummy spices and foods that will make your home smell like you’ve been baking all day. They are inexpensive and easy to set up.

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Every season has its own beauty factor, but there is something about fall that makes us feel warm and cozy. Just remember to keep your staging strategy more on the comfy side and less like Halloween.


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