Can cookie recipes generate more leads? Believe it or not, Facebook posts about unusual holidays like National Cookie Day can be an effective lead gen tool.

Lead generation might be a sore topic for many real estate professionals, but it’s crucial for growing your business and becoming a top producer. 

What’s the best way to generate more qualified leads in less time? The options are practically endless, but we’ve identified a few of our favorites with the biggest impact for you.  

With all the time you spend crafting the perfect experience for your clients, we know your schedule is usually tight. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your leads! That’s why we built free customizable templates for you. This way you can swipe-and-deploy these lead-generating tactics in minutes!

Lead Generator #1: Create engaging posts on Facebook

Facebook continues to be the most popular social networking platform, and, when used strategically, it can also be a lead-generating powerhouse.

Luminary Agent showcases 34 unique and fun ways to engage with your fans on Facebook. We picked some of our favorites and created those templates for you. Check them out below and then download the Advanced Producer mobile app to tweak and use these free Facebook post templates (and more!).

Post a comparison of two different images and ask for feedback on which one fans prefer. This can include anything relevant to your work, like which countertop they like more or which carpet they prefer—but don’t let this limit you! You can include personal photos (Which of my dogs strikes a better pose?), or use it to introduce another topic (Which taco would you eat for National Taco Day?).

Post weekly ideas on home improvement, landscaping, and useful storage and organizational tips. Remember, the ideas don’t have to be your own! You can borrow ideas or share products from another source. Just be sure to provide original source links whenever possible.

Post about influential real estate activity in your area and link to the listing on your website via IDX. Don’t have an IDX-enabled site? It’s a game changer in the age of digital real estate, so make sure to read more about it below.

Post fun facts about your neighborhood or city. Engaging with your larger community online is a great way to attract positive attention to you and your local business.

Create posts centered around national days (or months) like National Home Improvement Month in May or National Home Warranty Day on February 10th. Don’t be afraid to have fun with the more off-beat ones! The posts can even fall outside of the home and real estate realm. Check out more ideas for unique holidays through the National Day calendar here.

Share inspiring or funny photos of your day as a real estate agent. Your clients are placing a lot of trust in you, and giving them a taste of who you are and what you do helps strengthen that relationship. Fans like to know that you’re a real person, too! Personalize it to show how you have fun with real estate every day.

Notice this content is not directly advertising your services. Facebook posts are meant to focus on giving the audience something they actually want to read and engage with. People like to have content to make them pause, think, learn, and care. Plus, they’ll get to know you better in a genuine way. Simply download the free Advanced Producer mobile app to access these Facebook templates and get started.

Lead Generator #2: Set up an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) website

More and more, homeowners are searching houses with the click of a mouse, making a strong digital presence the sturdy hammer in your Realtor® toolbox. This may sound daunting, but one easy way to strengthen your digital footprint is with an IDX-enabled website to show off your listings. IDX technology updates your site with fresh MLS listings, so once visitors are on your website, they’re immediately engaged, and they won’t need to go anywhere else! Basically, IDX lists houses directly on your website, making it a one-stop-shop for customers. For a comprehensive guide on how to put an IDX site together using the free website platform WordPress, click here.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll cover two more expert ways to rein in leads—complete with a custom door hanger template. Until then, happy lead generating!

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