As a Realtor®, it’s up to you to find your own clients, build your own business, and work for yourself. You know that your success depends heavily on the trusting relationship between you and your client. You’re aware of what it takes to build in person trust: tactful charisma and social skills. But what about online?

Use the tools at your disposal to build trust with potential clients!

In today’s digital and tech-driven age, it is no surprise that 44% of homebuyers begin their search online. An essential part of the home buying process is finding a top-notch Realtor. However, Choice Home Warranty found that 67.5% of Americans don’t trust real estate agents. You are eager to help more clients and make more sales. So how do you create an online presence that speaks warmth, approachability, and most importantly, trust?

5 Steps to a Trustworthy Online Presence:

1. Create Multiple Profiles

Many Realtors® create an online website, but they stop there. The truth? There are millions of users on different platforms. The more you get your name out there, the more you open up your door for potential business.

A website can only get you so far. Increase your reach by creating a Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

Social networking sites also double as a tool for instant communication. Their messenger tools allow for quick and seamless interaction between you and your clients. Homebuyers want to work with an agent who is reliable and easily available. Showcase your receptiveness through your social media networking skills.

2. Make a Killer First Impression

While searching for a home, homebuyers spend about 88% of their time consulting an agent. Because of this, homebuyers seek out an agent who appears personable and easy to work with.

Fill your profile with quality professional photos. Make sure that your face is easily visible, and smile in your pictures! A warm smile exudes approachability and trustworthiness.

3. Use Social Proof

Nearly 70% of buyers consider reviews before making a final purchase. The same principle applies when choosing a real estate agent.

Have your customers share testimonials. Take pictures of newly sold homes. Post images of your happy clients (with their permission, of course). This will show potential clients that you are an experienced and reliable agent who delivers results.

4. Showcase Your Knowledge

Today, homebuyers have access to hundreds of informative websites and apps. More and more buyers are knowledgeable about the market. However, many still look to a real estate agent to guide them throughout the extensive process. Therefore, it is important to build your authority through frequent updates, blogs, and tweets. Use these questions as prompts:

Have you noticed any trends in the market?
What are common concerns that your clients express?
How do you help solve them?

Sharing your expertise will convince possible clients that you are the agent with the answers.

5. Make Your Contact Information Easily Accessible

At this point, the aspiring homebuyer has assessed all of your profiles. They have concluded that you are personable, knowledgeable, and reliable. They want to work with you, but how do they get in touch? Don’t miss out on a lead because they can’t find your phone number!

Place your contact information on all of your profiles. Include your number, e-mail, and the best times to contact you. Make sure that your info is easy to find by placing it in your social media bios or the top of your website.

The internet is your answer!

The digital space provides you with a great opportunity to scale your business and find more clients. Imagine being able to advertise for free, or stand on top of a mountain to announce your business. The internet is your answer. But with access to countless information and thousands of agents to choose from, you really need to nail down your online presence. These 5 steps will give you that boost up. We’re all hungry for information. It’s no wonder today’s homebuyers are looking for an agent they can trust both offline and online!

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