Do you want to catch the attention of new leads in your market? Are you willing to try something totally crazy that could increase response rates by 700% with minimal effort? Try this: direct mail.

At 700% more effective than digital marketing, see why direct mail is savvy Realtors®’ crazy-smart marketing tool!

Okay — while there might be crazier ideas than direct mail, the rise in technology seems to have relegated direct mail to the back seat as far as driving-force marketing strategies; however, dropping a personalized brochure, postcard, sales letter, or other marketing piece in the mailboxes of your real estate farm is an effective way to cut through the digital noise and reach them directly. That’s the crazy part: that something so ho-hum and old school is working so incredibly well.

In an article on the effectiveness of direct mail for realtors, CRES Insurance Services offers these facts:

  • Direct mail marketing out performs digital marketing response rates by more than 700%
  • The average ROI for direct mail is 15-17%
  • 67% of US adults feel that direct mail is more personal than email
  • Oversized envelopes have better response rate [than] regular-sized mail

Direct mail naysayers claim that direct mail is expensive, causes waste, and is ineffective because people just throw it away. Mail marketing expert Craig Simpson explains that, because of these myths, most marketers are moving away from mail, which means that you’ll now have less competition.

While digital advertising has its place, it has become white noise for many consumers, which means that your direct mail pieces will stand out as a fresh, personalized alternative.

Of course, you can’t just send any old flyer or postcard and expect the leads to start rolling in. The key to a successful direct mail campaign, as with any marketing campaign, is value. If you want to keep your postcard OUT of recycling bins, be sure to mail your prospective clients something of unique, specific interest to themnot just a business card with your face and phone number on it.

For seamless, customized one-off mailers or monthly campaigns, check out the products and services available through companies like Corefact. Corefact is a direct mail marketing service that offers hundreds of easily-customizable online templates geared specifically toward real estate professionals.

How does it work? Simply create an account, select a template, then customize your mailer with a headshot and personalized information, and you’re good to go. Upload your mailing list, and Corefact will even mail the pieces for you.

Because they work specifically with Realtors®, all of their mailers have been tried and tested by agents across the country, helping them home in on what works best. Below are some of Corefact’s best-selling templates.

Market Update

Sending a market update adds value to your services while informing and incentivizing homeowners. This mailer —a succinct postcard with accurate, up-to-date information — features a map with a list of recently-sold neighborhood homes and prices. Homeowners will appreciate receiving valuable data that could affect the value of their home. And since over-sized mailers have better response rate than smaller ones, spending an extra $.15 – $.30 per postcard with the “stretch” or “jumbo” sizes could be a worthy splurge.

Home Estimate

All homeowners want to know how much their property is worth even if they aren’t ready to buy or sell. Entice homeowners by offering them a free home estimate.

Home Estimate postcards are some of Corefact’s best sellers. They feature several strong calls to action, giving you insight into which homeowners you should follow up with. The unique key code feature allows you to track your leads’ actions. You’ll receive notifications whenever a homeowner logs in to view their free estimate so you can take action and follow up.

One benefit to this is that it shows homeowners that the information you’re providing is based on the actual market value and is not just an arbitrary figure. Another HUGE benefit is’s lead capture when homeowners exchange their contact info for the property value.

Seller/Buyer Tips

Many people who might be ready to buy or sell could be spinning their wheels because they’re daunted by the process or just don’t know where to start. Give them the inspiration and kick start they need!

Corefact’s seller/buyer templates are pre-designed flyers that educate and inspire potential leads through bite-sized, useful, actionable tips. Buyer/seller tips include topics like finding the right agent, how to save for a down payment, planning for home improvements, staging, and so on. Choose from a collection of tips or suggestions, or send one a month as a marketing campaign. Homeowners will hold onto these tips for years to come, increasing your brand awareness.

Just Listed

Few things set the neighborhood a-buzz like the raising of a brand new FOR SALE sign. Ramp up the excitement by sending out a customizable mailer, featuring a newly-listed home you want to promote in the neighborhood. This shows homeowners comparable home prices (planting seeds for the sale of their own home), and it reminds them whom to call when they’re ready to sell.



Show your neighborhood homeowners you care by sending them cost-saving DIY tips and tricks. Choose from a variety of postcard backs, including open house announcements, recent listings, and more.



Note: we are not affiliated with Corefact. In fact, there are many online direct mail marketing services that could help you easily create beautiful, personalized mail pieces, but Corefact’s powerful lead-capture options outweigh anything we’ve found.

Whether you choose Corefact or another company like Quantum Digital, Sharper Agent, or Prospects Plus, or whether you decide to call upon your inner marketing genius to get the job done, we hope we’ve given you enough incentive to give direct mail a try and to make it as unique, personable, and valuable as you are.

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