High-tech marketing strategies with 3D video tours and text campaigns are not the only ways to stay current in today’s market. Believe it or not, content marketing is (still) king!


What exactly is “content marketing?” The Content Marketing Institute™ defines it as, “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Who doesn’t want more of that?

Adding quality content in the form of a written or video blog will not only boost your credibility and generate organic leads to your website, but it also will enhance your Search Engine Optimization or SEO (the process of increasing traffic to your website through higher search engine rankings).

According to In Motion Real Estate, Google’s latest algorithms prefer sites that have useful and unique content for their users. This means that a normal MLS-listing-based website is not going to cut it anymore. Without relevant content, your plethora of competitors — big and small — will keep you off the front page of any search engine results and out of sight from potential clients.


When it comes to the content subject matter, it’s best to avoid arbitrary, generic blogs that may or may not be relevant to your clientele. In this realm, the more specific you can be, the better. The “juggernauts” (ahem, Zillow.com, etc.) will always outrank you when the searched keywords are broad.  This is why it’s important for your blogs to reach a specific audience that you can help.

Here are some ways to make your content ultra-targeted:



Include ZIP codes, neighborhoods, or even subdivisions in your keywords. Serious buyers will search for tips and information specific to their area. Think how excited they’ll be to find an article that addresses their specific needs. Odds are, they’ll skip over the other more generic articles and go straight to yours.



In Thrive Hive’s blog article, “7 Benefits of Niche Marketing,” author Kristen McCormick writes, “With a niche strategy, you leverage your expertise in one area to stand out above your competition. You may provide other products or services, and you may serve a broader audience, but specializing in one area helps you to distinguish your business.” The easiest audiences to target? First-time homebuyers, folks who are upsizing or downsizing to keep up with their changing lifestyle, relocating families, or investors looking for rental properties. Notice if one of these audiences — or any other not mentioned here — stands out as a market for whom you could be the expert.

Do you love working with first-time homebuyers? Do you have experience working with investors? Your skills, experience, and passion can help you home in on your ideal target audience.

As an added strategy in determining your niche market, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the competition to see what areas may be underserved. Even if a market is adequately served, your skills and experience could still tower above the competition!



Whether it’s condos in the city, townhomes in the suburbs, lakefront ranches, or hillside estates, find a type of property you can capitalize on and get after it! This also makes creating content so much easier because you have a better focus on a specific type of property that can be the basis for the majority of your content creation. It will also help you be seen as an expert (which ties into our previous point!) and potential clients will want to reach out to you for your expertise.



Timing is so important — and so often a challenge — when buying or selling a home! Whether it’s the homeowner who needs help with a quick move for a job relocation, the homebuyer who needs help figuring out the right time to move, or the couple that will be downsizing next year after their youngest is off to college — your voice could be the authority for potential clients in a particular stage of transition.

Of course, you can’t halt your other forms of advertising and lead generation efforts, but building your brand by including quality content marketing is becoming paramount to keeping your business afloat. The good news is, this kind of marketing costs almost nothing! Just remember: for best results, keep it local and be specific.

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