How to Capture the Lion’s Share of Neighborhood Listings…Fast!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re focused on buying a certain kind of car, you start seeing that same car everywhere? Or, how about the trend in neighborhood home sales that seems to occur after the first “for sale” sign is planted? This common subconscious behavior of seeing and creating more of what you focus on comes from the part of the brain called the reticular activating system. The RAS can be likened to the nightclub bouncer for your brain, regulating the thoughts which are allowed to enter, subconsciously helping you “decide” what to focus on.
We’ve developed an effective strategy called the “Listing Compound Method” that harnesses the power of the RAS and subtly influences the bouncer in homeowners’ brains.

SLAYING THE SALE with This Surprisingly Simple VIP Buyer Program

It’s no secret — we all want to feel special. Clients on both ends of the home-buying process want to believe that you are their agent first, and everyone else’s second. They basically want to feel like they hit the REALTOR® jackpot when they chose you!

How can you be the agent in shining armor by providing the service and exclusivity your clients desire?

Homebuyer Choice Overload: Using Your Super Powers to Rescue the Sale

Ah, the paradox of choice. We are obsessed with having options for everything, and are even more obsessed with making decisions. Complain though we may, being deemed the “decision-maker” feeds us with such a sense of importance that we tend to ignore the agony that comes along with making so many decisions.

Homebuyers are assaulted with a barrage of choices at every turn, causing anxiety and sometimes choice-paralysis, even to the point of delaying the sale. This is a pretty undesirable situation for you as a Realtor®. Fear not! We’ll show you how your valuable experience can save the day — and the sale.

Convincing Them It’s Worth Less than They Think

It’s no surprise that sellers want to get top dollar for their beloved house. Can you blame them? They’ve likely put a large amount of money, time and love into the home, and they don’t want it to go unappreciated or undersold. But listing a home at a high starting price can be disastrous for the sale. Two recent U.S. News & World Report articles refer to the “list high, lower later” concept as both a ubiquitous real estate myth, and a sure-fire way to plummet a home’s selling price.

3 Easy Marketing Ideas That Worked!

Finding new ways to market yourself, and your listings, is a constant process. When you get tired of the same old postcards and flyers, you might need a little creative motivation to get things (and people) moving! We picked a few of our favorite ideas from Realtor Magazine. Here’s how other agents were able to gain interest in their business by stepping outside the box.

Your Big Fat Commission: Selling Clients on Why You Deserve It

We have all been asked the question more times than we care to talk about: “Can you reduce your commissions?” **Cringe**
It shouldn’t be a battle to defend your commission. You deserve it! Don’t they realize that Real Estate Agents work solely for commission? That fact is, they don’t think about that. They just think that more commission paid to you means more money out of their pocket. That’s why it’s important to explain the reasoning behind paying an agent commission in terms that they can relate to.

6 Things to Look for in a Commission Advance Company

We all know that the Real Estate business doesn’t always come with a steady income. You have probably gotten accustomed to waiting…and waiting…and waiting for your commission. UNLESS, you decide to take control of your income by using a commission advance company, (like many successful agents do).

If you have thought about getting advances on your commissions but you’re not sure where to go, we can help you decide. There are plenty of options out there, and they are not all created equal. So before you type the words into that search bar, make sure to look for these 6 things: