Make Content the King of Your Business

You’ve set up your blog, and you’re ready to go – but now the blank page stares back at you, and you have a meeting to go to and phone calls to make. How are you ever going to find time to write and promote content for your blog?

Are You Missing Out on 67% More Leads?

Being a successful Realtor® means demonstrating your value over and over again, and in order to do this, you need a platform where you can share your valuable knowledge. Increase your influence and entice prospective clients by starting a blog! You may be hesitant to spend time on something that doesn’t reap immediate rewards, but we’ll show you the true value of a routinely-updated blog.

5 Ways to Automate Your Business and Gain Back Your Time

In business and in life, time is money! Think of all the time you spend every day tackling tedious, menial tasks, such as emailing, scheduling, and organizing. It’s not that these tasks aren’t important – they certainly are! – but the time spent doing them takes away from time that could be spent on building relationships with clients and strategizing your long-term business plans.

4 FREE Ways to Level-Up Your Authority

What distinguishes a good Realtor® from a GREAT one? A successful, savvy agent makes continuing education a priority. The world of real estate is ever-changing, and agents need to constantly evolve with it. It’s not enough to just follow the market — Realtors® need to be on their game and constantly trying new approaches to earn and retain clients.

Want to Reach a Network of 330 Million People? Try This.

Marketing has come a long way! In the old days — and we’re talking medieval-era days — merchants would hire young people to shout their offerings to passers-by in the town square. This eventually gave way to a more “sophisticated” form of communication: communal bulletin boards.

The Trick to Finding Leads on Social Media

There's no doubt that social media is a valuable marketing tool for Realtors®, but not all platforms are worth your time. Instead of rushing around creating different profiles, writing daily marketing posts, and running ad campaigns on every media platform, save...

Market on Facebook the Right Way: Use Your Influence

Facebook is, without a doubt, the most popular social media platform in the world, making it a powerful platform for real estate marketing. But it’s not as simple as making a “Page” and hoping leads flock to it. Here are some tips on using Facebook’s features for greater exposure, bringing leads right to your door.

5 Seconds of Video That’ll Hook 4X More Leads

Did you know it takes just 5 to 10 seconds to form a first impression? Yep, it’s that fast. So, let’s say a potential lead lands on your website or social profile. You basically have 5 seconds to hook them! Don’t panic. We’ll show you how to use the power of video to capture them, hook, line, and sinker.

The Crazy-Smart Lead Generation Tool Top Producers Swear By!

Do you want to catch the attention of new leads in your real estate market? Are you willing to try something totally crazy that could increase response rates by 700% with minimal effort? Try this: direct mail. While it might sound “old school,” direct mail could be just what you need to cut through the digital noise and stand out.

6 Must-Reads for REALTORS®

Learn from the best! With top strategies from some of the most successful people in business and real estate, these 6 must-read books are sure to light a fire under your seat!

Don’t Ignore These 2 Simple Habits for Better Business

It’s time for the last two habits in our series of “five habits of highly-successful agents.” Though habits #4 and #5 may seem relatively unimportant and even easy to dismiss, do not be fooled! Developing and practicing these two habits are an essential part of achieving top producer status!

Retain 78% More Clients with One Simple Habit

It’s time for some brutal honesty: Do your communication skills fall short? Have you failed to return a few phone calls or emails this week? Might you have even lost a client because of it? Here and now, you can become a master communicator by following these few simple guidelines.

Increase Productivity by Doing Less

Do you ever feel like you are going nonstop, taking care of business – but you don’t have time to actually produce more business? Like your career is hitting a plateau even though you are working harder than ever?

This brings us to Top Producer Habit #2: They delegate!

5 Key Habits of Top Real Estate Producers Pt. I

This article the first in a 5-part blog series that explores five key habits of highly-successful agents.

As a real estate professional, odds are, you’re working for yourself. Even if you operate under a large brokerage, you essentially run your own business. It’s up to YOU to make your deals flow and your income grow.

All real estate agents experience ups and downs in the market. Maybe you’ve had a few slam dunks, and they were very exciting and motivating — but then things dried up, and you suddenly realized that, in order to be a success in this business, you have to know not only how to sell houses, but also how to sell yourself!

You want to do well. You want to be a top producer. That’s why you got into this business! But, what separates the average-producing agents from the TOP producers? What are their secrets and how can you achieve their level of success? If you want to experience success in any area of life, it is essential to do one thing: create good habits — both personally and professionally.

The Luxury Niche: Make It Yours!

High-dollar home sales make up one of the most sought-after niche markets for agents – and one of the most intimidating. The clientele and the properties in this category can radiate a sense of exclusivity that seems untouchable to new (or even seasoned) Realtors®, with those extra-padded commissions only existing in their dreams.

The truth is, this high-end market is exclusive simply from a statistical standpoint.

Closing Gifts: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

It has become a common courtesy to give your clients a little gift after closing on a new home to show your appreciation for their business. In addition to being a token of gratitude, this gesture also serves as a reminder of you, encouraging former clients to send referrals your way. However, keep in mind that a one-size-fits-all gift might not always be appropriate.

Before you throw down some cash on closing gifts, remember to avoid these 5 taboos:

5 Commonly Missed Deductions for Next Year’s Tax Return

It may be too late to beef up your 2016 tax return, but you have plenty of time to make sure next year’s return is a great pay day! By staying organized and keeping track of work expenses throughout the year, you can make sure you get the highest return possible.

Here are a few of the most commonly missed deductions for Realtors:

3 Ways Putting Yourself First Can Boost Business

Whether you are new to the real estate game or a seasoned agent, you might feel like all your time and money goes into building your businesss. But don’t forget that taking care of YOU is equally important! Using your hard-earned money to treat yourself could also boost productivity and ultimately your deal flow.

Here are a few ways to put yourself first while giving your business momentum:

Agents’ Most Overlooked Marketing Tool

In real estate, we are always looking for that “silver bullet” — the magic pill that will effortlessly take our production from 5 deals per year to 100 deals per year.

Well, guess what? The magic pill does exist! And you probably already have it right on your laptop. The most important thing in a real estate agent’s tool box is their database. Without a database, it’s likely that you will never reach your full business potential.

If you are like most agents, the hardest part of filling up your database is finding enough willing and able customers. This is where The Governor Campaign comes in.

Spring Has Sprung! Stay Ahead when Competition is High

The temperature is rising, and so is the real estate market! Spring and summer have historically seen the most home sales — starting with spring cleaning and the purging of old, outdated items, then the desire for a fresh start — motivating potential home buyers and sellers to take the plunge after hunkering down through the winter.
A market teeming with new buyers and sellers is great news for real estate agents, but it also means increased competition. There’s also the fact that new agents tend to start their careers in the spring, and, of course, seasoned agents are as thirsty as ever for new clients – so the springtime market is a buzzing hive of buyers, sellers and a whole lot of agents eager to put their listings on the map.
So, how do you make your listings stand out, without breaking your budget?

Your Big Fat Commission II: Leveraging Your Position when Clients Want You to Reduce

Picture this: you are sitting at your client’s kitchen table and you just gave the listing presentation of a lifetime. They love your marketing, they’re good with the price of the home, and they’re about to sign the listing agreement — when that dreaded question comes up: “Can you reduce your commission?” You might remember that we addressed this issue in a previous blog, “Your Big Fat Commission: Selling Clients on Why You Deserve It.” In that article, (“Your Big Fat Commission I,” let’s call it), we offered a script for helping your clients understand the purpose and importance of real estate commissions, and we introduced our VIP Client Commission Rebate Program as a negotiation strategy for dealing with clients who still weren’t on board with paying your full commission. Readers were excited about this idea and asked us to go into more detail about the program.

Upgrades: Yea or Nay? Helping Sellers Decide Which Ones Matter

Just when you think your client is ready to sell, they say something like, “I want to sell, but I need to do a few upgrades first.”

And you think, “Great, I guess I’ll talk to you in a year.”


While it’s true that updates, upgrades and renovations can be beneficial to a home’s resale value, sellers often think they need to do more than is necessary, wasting precious time and resources. When homeowners get stuck in this mindset, the smartest thing you can do is step in and be the voice of reason. Before sellers start going all “HGTV” and maxing out credit cards, help them decide which projects are genuinely worth the time and money.

Here’s a quick guide to some common upgrades and how they affect the resale value:

No Listings? No Problem! Keep Buyers Interested with a Targeted House Hunt

You just managed to get all your listings into escrow. Time to celebrate, right? Not so fast. It suddenly hits you that now you have no listings to show buyers, no more guaranteed commissions, and you basically have to start all over. Talk about a buzz kill. That brings us to your next mission: to find more listings and reel in potential buyers who call about pending homes. Your secret weapon? The Buyer Hunt Program.

How to Capture the Lion’s Share of Neighborhood Listings…Fast!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re focused on buying a certain kind of car, you start seeing that same car everywhere? Or, how about the trend in neighborhood home sales that seems to occur after the first “for sale” sign is planted? This common subconscious behavior of seeing and creating more of what you focus on comes from the part of the brain called the reticular activating system. The RAS can be likened to the nightclub bouncer for your brain, regulating the thoughts which are allowed to enter, subconsciously helping you “decide” what to focus on.
We’ve developed an effective strategy called the “Listing Compound Method” that harnesses the power of the RAS and subtly influences the bouncer in homeowners’ brains.

SLAYING THE SALE with This Surprisingly Simple VIP Buyer Program

It’s no secret — we all want to feel special. Clients on both ends of the home-buying process want to believe that you are their agent first, and everyone else’s second. They basically want to feel like they hit the REALTOR® jackpot when they chose you!

How can you be the agent in shining armor by providing the service and exclusivity your clients desire?

Homebuyer Choice Overload: Using Your Super Powers to Rescue the Sale

Ah, the paradox of choice. We are obsessed with having options for everything, and are even more obsessed with making decisions. Complain though we may, being deemed the “decision-maker” feeds us with such a sense of importance that we tend to ignore the agony that comes along with making so many decisions.

Homebuyers are assaulted with a barrage of choices at every turn, causing anxiety and sometimes choice-paralysis, even to the point of delaying the sale. This is a pretty undesirable situation for you as a Realtor®. Fear not! We’ll show you how your valuable experience can save the day — and the sale.

Your Big Fat Commission: Selling Clients on Why You Deserve It

We have all been asked the question more times than we care to talk about: “Can you reduce your commissions?” **Cringe**
It shouldn’t be a battle to defend your commission. You deserve it! Don’t they realize that Real Estate Agents work solely for commission? That fact is, they don’t think about that. They just think that more commission paid to you means more money out of their pocket. That’s why it’s important to explain the reasoning behind paying an agent commission in terms that they can relate to.

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