Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

How can Advanced Commission help my business needs?

Our commission advance service is an effective way to get your commissions without having to wait months until closing. By doing this, it allows you to confidently balance your cash flow and predict your monthly income.

How much of an advance can I receive?

We offer up to $25,000 for pending sale advances and up to $4,500 for listing advances.

How much does a commission advance cost?

We strive for transparency and will never hide our prices or our process from you. Simply check out the different pricing for pending sale advances and listing advances on the Low Fees page. The pending sale advance slider is based on a 30 day COE. And remember, we have absolutely no hidden fees.

Who can receive an advanced commission?

We provide our service to real estate agents licensed across the entire United States.

What happens if the closing is delayed?

We know unexpected things happen all the time in real estate. For that reason, if your closing is delayed, you only pay a small daily Escrow Extension Fee based on your advance amount. This is our way of keeping your advance costs low!

What happens if the sale falls through?

If a sale fails to close you may repay your advance with a future commission.

Where do you provide your service?

Advanced Commission is proud to serve real estate agents across the United States! We will work with you no matter where you are based.

Is there liability for my broker?

No. Brokers bear no financial liability to repay a commission advance taken out by one of their agents. Brokers are simply required to authorize every commission advance request.

Are commission advances tax deductible?

Yes! When you use the proceeds of your commission advance exclusively for your real estate business, the cost can be tax deductible.

How will I receive my commission advance?

Once your application has been approved and both parties have signed the contracts, we will wire transfer the funds directly into your bank account. It will be available within 24 hours if the wire was completed before 2pm PST.

How do I repay advanced commission?

It’s simple! Your broker will be asked to sign a Commission Disbursement Form during your application process. This form requests that Advanced Commission receive payment directly from the settlement company. If for some reason the settlement company fails to repay us, it is up to the agent to do so.

What supporting documents need to be included during the process?

To process your advance faster, we will need a copy of a voided check. We will also ask for a copy of the front of your driver’s license. Other documents needed will be noted on the application, and may differ depending on the details of your sale. This may include a Bank Approval Letter for a short sale or your MLS Production Report.

Do you run credit checks?

No. Acceptance is based entirely on the quality of the deal – not on a real estate agent’s personal financial statements, credit history, or credit reports.

Can I have multiple advances going at the same time?

No. In the interest of both parties, we require that your current commission advance be repaid before applying for a new advance.

Will anyone know I have received a commission advance?

You may rest assured that the process of getting a commission advance is extremely confidential. We will not inform any buyers or sellers involved in your transactions that you are working with us. The only person that will be notified is your Broker, as they will need to sign the contract.

Does Advanced Commission have an affiliate program?

Yes. Advanced Commission is eager to partner with respected brokerages nationwide. If you are a broker and are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch with us at

Does Advanced Commission offer advances for listings?

Yes! The advance amount is based on the number of active listings the agent has:

2 Listings – up to a $2,500 advance
3 Listings – up to a $3,500 advance
4 Listings – up to a $4,500 advance

In order to qualify, the listings must have 90 days remaining until they expire.