Have you ever noticed that when you’re focused on buying a certain kind of car, you start seeing that same car everywhere? Or, how about the trend in neighborhood home sales that seems to occur after the first “for sale” sign is planted? This common subconscious behavior of seeing and creating more of what you focus on comes from the part of the brain called the reticular activating system. The RAS can be likened to the nightclub bouncer for your brain, regulating the thoughts which are allowed to enter, subconsciously helping you “decide” what to focus on.

The lion's share is the biggest share, and it could be yours!

The lion’s share is the biggest share, and it could be yours!

We’ve developed an effective strategy called the “Listing Compound Method” that harnesses the power of the RAS and subtly influences the bouncer in homeowners’ brains.

Let’s say you’ve entered into contract with a buyer or seller. Odds are, at least a few neighboring homeowners have considered selling their homes, too, but haven’t contacted a Realtor® yet. Every time those homeowners drive past a “for sale” sign, their own RAS puts increasing pressure on them to sell.

This is when you send the Listing Compound Letter:  a simple message on a nice-looking postcard letting homeowners know that you’ve just sold a house in their neighborhood, and that you could easily do the same for them.

The card has an attention-grabbing area map with drop pins showing homes recently sold, it offers an online resource for checking the value of their own home (more motivation to start selling!), and of course it has your contact information and smiling face as the friendly, successful local agent who’s there to help. Send this postcard immediately after you get your buyer or seller into contract to put yourself in position to receive the lion’s share of the surrounding listings.

Here’s how to pull it off step-by-step:

  • Call your favorite title officer or marketing rep and ask them to send you the names and addresses of the 500 homeowners surrounding the subject property.
  • Go to www.Corefact.com. From the home page, scroll down and select “map cards.” From there, use the search bar and type “home estimate – map 01” and select that card.
  • Select “Jumbo – Just Listed” and then Continue.
  • Either sign in or create a new user account.
  • Use their easy editor program to make your postcard look like the example below (or similar). Press continue when you’ve finished designing the card.
  • Finally, import the list of surrounding homeowners, and you’re done! Corefact will even mail the postcards for you.

Send the postcards and watch the leads roll in! For even better results, follow up with a personal note 2-3 weeks after the postcards go out. If a homeowner was considering selling, this nudge from their neighborhood Realtor® will help them pull the trigger.


Sample Listing Compound Postcard


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