Do you ever feel like you are going nonstop, taking care of business – but you don’t have time to actually produce more business? Like your career is hitting a plateau even though you are working harder than ever?

This brings us to the importance of Top Real Estate Producer Habit #2: Delegation! (If you haven’t read 5 Key Habits of Top Real Estate Producers Pt. 1, click here!)

Getting help can be a difficult step for a hardworking go-getter like you. You might think that hiring an assistant is not a wise financial decision, or your brain could be wired to believe that you need to do everything yourself. But high-performing agents know that this kind of thinking is counterproductive to success.

Businessman drawing abstract delegate sketch

Delegating tasks is an essential skill for achieving top producer status.

Think about it this way: how much more valuable, effective, and happier could you be if you had more time in the day for prospecting? By letting a competent and reliable assistant focus on the administrative or day-to-day tasks, you can then focus on higher-level tasks and projects that bring in more business. Let an assistant handle your paperwork, social media posting, or other repetitive and easily-trainable tasks. If you use the extra time wisely, it will be well worth the investment.

How do you decide what to delegate? Here’s a great tip. Try using the standard 80/20 rule and apply it to project management. If the business plan you created in Top Producer Habit #1 puts you at an income of $40, $50, or $100/hour, make sure you’re not spending more than 20% of your work day doing $10/hour tasks. Instead, focus at least 80% of your time performing tasks that are commensurate with your value and pay scale. If not, you’re taking a huge pay cut. 

Before you hire an assistant, though, it’s important to make sure you’re ready for one. Keep a list of all the tasks you perform on a regular basis that could easily be delegated to someone else. Having systems or procedures already in place will help improve efficiency and reduce the training curve. Virtual assistants (freelance workers who do their jobs remotely) can handle a large variety of tasks – pretty much anything that doesn’t need to be done in person. Things like bookkeeping, database entries, scheduling, social media tasks, industry research, travel, and email can easily be done by a competent virtual assistant. For some resources, check out sites like,, and

If you don’t feel comfortable turning your business email, passwords, and other security-sensitive information over to someone you may never meet in the flesh, look closer to home! Odds are, there’s a savvy admin right now in your circle of friends and associates who would be happy to help with part-time work from home. Thanks to technology like file sharing, cloud technology, VoIP (Internet) calling, online conference calls, and screen shares, virtual assistance is a smart way to build your team while greatly reducing the overhead of having a brick and mortar office. For fewer headaches and greater efficiency, if you decide to go virtual, be sure your chosen hire is familiar with these technologies at the get-go.

Regardless of whether you hire a virtual or a local assistant, new business owners may need to spend a few to several months laying the groundwork before building your team. But once you establish that it is time to find hired help, start making a list of things you want to accomplish with your newly-developed free time.

Remember your business plan? This is when you’ll want to refer to it so you can refocus on your career goals and priorities. If you haven’t taken a real estate specialization class in over a year, this would be a good time to find one that is consistent with your passions.

Delegate wisely, use your precious time efficiently, and stay focused! With your eyes on the prize and a dedicated support system taking care of the day-to-day, you’ll be poised and ready to welcome top producer status!




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