You’ve set up your blog, and you’re ready to go — but now the blank page stares back at you, and you have a meeting to go to and phone calls to make. How are you ever going to find time to write and promote content for your blog?

Use content to demonstrate your value proposition.

In our recent article, we shared some compelling reasons why a blog needs to be part of your business strategy. Creating content is time-consuming, but successful agents like you have probably heard the marketing adage: “content is king.”

Writing content that promotes discoverability

Blogs are so valuable because they make the most of search engine optimization (SEO), which makes it much easier for prospective clients to find you (also known as “discoverability.”) The content you create should always make SEO a priority. This might seem technical or daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

The key to successful SEO is regularly using certain “keywords”; these keywords should be terms that people are already searching for. When you use popular keywords, search engines can find them on your blog and then display your blog and website higher in search results. But there’s a trick to using the right keywords, and sometimes it takes some experimenting. This infographic from EasyAgentPro breaks down the difference between “generic” keywords and “listing specific” keywords:

While using generic terms might seem like the obvious option, it actually means that you’ll have much more competition versus using more niche terms. You can test this yourself to see how this works:

• Open Google, Bing, or the search engine of your choice
• Type in “[Your city] real estate.” How many results did you get?
• Try another search: “[Your city] real estate agent who specializes in [your niche].” Did this turn up any results?

Try using a free service WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool to see how your keywords may rank. SEO is constantly changing. Keep in mind that, as search technology continues to improve, people take a more conversational approach to searching: “What is for sale in Denver?” versus “Denver home sales.”

Writing content that promotes your expertise

It’s important for bloggers to have a niche so you can capitalize on SEO. As a Realtor, this is a chance for you to carve out a space for yourself in a crowded market. Do you love working with first-time homebuyers? Is the luxury market your thing? Are you a pro at staging? Whatever you love to do most — and whatever brings you the most business — should be the focus of your blog. The goal of your content should always be to be position you as the expert.

Creating a Content Calendar

This is where a content calendar comes in handy. Planning and scheduling your content ahead of time means that you can structure your writing around your business. A calendar, in conjunction with scheduling automation tools like Buffer, streamline the process of having to create and share your content to the proper channels.

Real estate marketing company for agents that includes both social media and blog posts. (They also offer services to create content for you, if you’re looking to outsource this part of your business.) They recommend posting a mix of personal content (hobbies and interests) and professional content (listings and recent big wins).

Whatever schedule you create, it should be consistent. Don’t get burnt out by committing to one post a week. One post every other week, or even one post a month at first — especially if you choose to write in-depth posts — is plenty.

3 Content Ideas to Kickstart Your Blog

Here are three tried-and-true ideas to get the inspiration flowing and the readers flocking to your blog.

Case Study
If you’ve recently experienced a successful sale – maybe a seller sold their property for more than asking price, or a first-time buyer scored their dream home — write about it! Not only does sharing the nitty-gritty of these experiences position you as the expert, but you can also educate your readers: what went right and how they can emulate your process.

What are you reading, watching, or listening to lately? Share a roundup with your readers! A roundup is just a list of recommendations curated by you. Because your readers expect you to have expertise in your chosen subject, this is another way to be an arbiter of this information. Plus, roundups are quick to write and don’t require much, if any, preliminary research.

Listing Profile
People visiting your blog and website are likely there because they are planning to buy or sell. If you already have your listings on your website, pick one that you especially want to promote and pop it into your blog! You’ll likely already have photos to accompany the post. Add a few more sentences to really make the case for this property, and voila — an easy blog post that you can then promote on your profiles. Your followers will be intrigued since you’ve highlighted this special property.

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