It’s no secret — we all want to feel special. Clients on both ends of the home-buying process want to believe that you are their agent first, and everyone else’s second. They basically want to feel like they hit the REALTOR® jackpot when they chose you!

How can you be the agent in shining armor by providing the service and exclusivity your clients desire?

Slay your sales with VIP treatment for your clients.

Slay your sales with VIP treatment for your clients.

Give your clients 5-star treatment with the VIP Buyer Program – or, for sellers, the Prelisting Program. These programs are valuable in any market, but especially in a market with low inventory. It gives buyers an opportunity to view homes in their area before they hit the market, and it gives sellers the opportunity to receive a full-priced offer even before they list!

VIP Buyer Program: The Ultimate in Exclusivity

Start soliciting new buyers and spoil current ones with this VIP treatment:

1)  Conduct a home criteria interview to get the perfect picture of the home they want. (Check out the example below.)

2)  Create an MLS search to see if anything matches their criteria. Tell them they are guaranteed to see every active listing on the market. (You probably already do this, but take it up a notch with step 3.)

3)  Set them up on MLS auto email so they get the first crack at any new listing, regardless of agent or office. Make sure it includes homes that fall out of escrow and get relisted the instant they are available.

4) Put them on an email alert for your Unlisted Homes Program, giving them access to homes before they hit the MLS and before anyone else can make an offer.

“That sounds great, but where do I find these unlisted homes?” you ask. In your very own Prelisting database!

The Prelisting Program: The Perfect Solution for Tentative Sellers

This program is your secret weapon to combat sellers’ objections, like: “I want to list with you, but I have to clean the carpet and paint the family room first.” Waiting until a seller is ready before signing the listing contract could result in losing the listing altogether.

When faced with an objection that delays the signing of the listing contract, try this proactive approach: 

You: “I understand not wanting to put your home on the market until you have the family room painted, but would it be okay if I got you a full-priced offer before we put it on the market?

Seller: Sure!

You: Great, I can get you into our Unlisted Homes Program. We won’t put your home on the market until you’re ready, but it will give me a chance to get a full-priced offer from one of my VIP clients. Let’s sign the program paperwork and get you that offer!

Once they agree to include their home in the Prelisting Program, simply have them sign your listing contract and your MLS waiver, if required. Now, you have VIP buyers excited about exclusive viewing opportunities, and sellers eager to receive a full-priced offer before their home is even on the market.

Let’s recap the upsides:

  • The seller’s home will get initial exposure to your personal buyers before it’s broadcast on the MLS
  • You get the listing contract signed before the seller has a chance to find someone else
  • You’re the hero for providing a HUGE added-value service to clients on both sides
  • Everyone saves time and money

Oh—and don’t forget about the boost in commissions you’ll earn from handling the entire transaction.

Downsides, anyone?


That what we thought.


Sample Home Criteria Interview




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