The temperature is rising, and so is the real estate market! Spring and summer have historically seen the most home sales — starting with spring cleaning and the purging of old, outdated items, then the desire for a fresh start — motivating potential home buyers and sellers to take the plunge after hunkering down through the winter.

Make your deal flow blossom this spring with a few smart marketing tactics!

A market teeming with new buyers and sellers is great news for real estate agents, but it also means increased competition. There’s also the fact that new agents tend to start their careers in the spring, and, of course, seasoned agents are as thirsty as ever for new clients – so the springtime market is a buzzing hive of buyers, sellers and a whole lot of agents eager to put their listings on the map.

So, how do you make your listings stand out, without breaking your budget?

From mass media to smart staging, here are some of our favorite cost-effective strategies for driving a high percentage of buyers to your listings and sellers to your office.




Mass Media – Be the Local Expert!

The idea of advertising for mass media might give you bankruptcy nightmares if you’ve ever seen the dollar signs associated with running a commercial. That’s one big reason to consider content marketing. What exactly is “content marketing?” The Content Marketing Institute defines it as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” So, instead of pitching your product or service, you’re providing relevant and useful content. That makes you the expert!

Radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, and magazines all know that real estate is at the top of people’s minds this time of year, so they would most likely LOVE an expert’s insight into the industry. Being that expert would create the opportunity to reach masses of people in your area without spending a dime! Most of the time, all it takes is a phone call to the right person at each media outlet.

Social Media – Start Pinning It!

According to the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2016 report on “Where Buyers Found the Home They Purchased,” the #1 response was the Internet, at 51%. The 2nd highest response was from their Real Estate Agent, at 34%. That’s a sizeable 17% gap you could tighten up with smart marketing tactics.

While maintaining a quality Facebook page is hopefully a given for most businesses in this digital era (with Instagram and Twitter close behind), Pinterest, the often-forgotten social outlet, could be your key to success. No longer just for wedding planners and craft fair junkies, potential homebuyers are constantly searching pins for budget tips and design ideas, while sellers count on Pinterest for curb appeal and staging ideas.

Here are some quick stats on the potential value of Pinterest for business marketing:

  • 150 million people every month are on Pinterest
  • 93% of pinners use Pinterest to help them plan purchases
  • 87% of pinners bought something because of content they saw on Pinterest
  • 52% of Millennials have a Pinterest Account

Check out Pinterest’s Marketing Partners and other tools and ideas on building your brand and boosting traffic here: Or, you can always start by linking your own blog to your Pinterest page, to start growing your base of followers.



Picture Perfect – Nature’s Marketing Campaign

Welcome the eye with irresistible photos of spring in full bloom – with flowers and trees proudly showing off their colors, making homes more attractive to buyers. Taking pictures when everything is in full bloom automatically increases visual appeal and triggers all the “feels” in potential buyers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make the most out of photo marketing and curb appeal. Hosting an open house in bloom time is a great idea, too. If clients are eager to get their home listed before their plants are in full bloom, urge them to plant some fresh ones before pulling the trigger.

Sign Riders – Use Texting for Lead Generation and Easy Marketing

Your yard sign could be your most valuable marketing tool for many buyers who prefer to drive by a home before they set up a showing (or sometimes before they even call a realtor). Your job is to make it as easy as possible for buyers to get information about these listings. Instead of (or in addition to) putting flyers on the sign, a “text for info” option makes it almost effortless for buyers to see pricing and pictures of your listing right on their phones. Even better, if these buyers don’t have an agent yet, you are in prime position to earn their business! You now have their contact info and a good idea of the kind of home they are looking for — it doesn’t get much easier than that! Agent Text — — is one of many companies that can help you get started with a text sign rider. Check out their “tour” page for information on how it works, and to see a sample on your mobile phone.

Once you start using these tips, your flowers won’t be the only things GROWING this season!

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