Once you delve into the world of blogging, it’s hard to ever leave! If you’ve been following our blogging series (part one and part two), you’ve likely begun your own blogging journey. Luckily, the world of real estate is chock-full of amazing, valuable blogs written by successful agents, brokers, and businesses. Not only does reading other blogs inspire your own content, but you can learn so much from some of the world’s top real estate experts (often for free).

Savvy agents like you are also avid readers!

There are hundreds of excellent real estate blogs, but we’ve selected five that we consider to be must-reads. Want to make your experience even better? Download a newsfeed app (we recommend Feedly, which is free and recommends similar content) and queue up your content. Many newsfeed apps are available for both mobile and desktop, so you can read blog posts wherever you go!



1. Realtor.com

As the leading organization for Realtors® in the United States, few blogs beat the one created by the National Association of REALTORS®. Realtor.com’s News & Insight provides a mix of real estate pop culture — such as the house Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are building — along with data-driven reports about the real estate market and the future of the industry. Agents will benefit most from the “Real Insights” section where they house the meatiest content.

2. Zillow

Realtors have a love-hate relationship with Zillow, and for good reason: Sometimes Zillow’s info isn’t as up to date as your MLS, and clients get excited about properties that are no longer available. But Zillow’s popularity continues to grow, and the Zillow Porchlight blog is a great read for agents and clients alike. Because Zillow is so avidly used by real estate junkies (and attracts many first-time homebuyers), the blog covers trends in real estate and also offers tips about navigating through the home buying/selling process. There are also some interesting stories about innovations in the world of real estate, such as this post about a 3D printed home!

3. Redfin

If you’re a data geek, Redfin’s blog is for you. Redfin is a listings company that puts data front and center, and they make their data accessible to both agents and customers. What makes Redfin’s blog stand out is its in-depth  reporting that can help agents refine their strategy and messaging. For example, a recent post about housing demand trends is incredibly insightful. Although their reports and posts are data-centric, they are readable and approachable, so you don’t have to be a scientist to derive actionable strategy from their content — you just have to be an agent who closely follows the market and is looking to back your business decisions with hard numbers!

And, if you’re not in the mood to read an extensive article, you can check out their shorter posts that offer tips, tricks, and trivia about real estate.

4. Realest Blog

Don’t be fooled by the Realest Blog’s sleek aesthetic; it’s not all style and no substance. Produced by Gavin Grant, a business and real estate consultant, Realest Blog is a source of useful, straightforward real estate advice. Gavin Grant has his hand on the pulse of real estate trends, and you will find content that is relevant to both buyers and sellers. We recommended this post about Mistakes Home-Buyers Make by Generation.

5. Inman

Inman is a premium service, but its content is truly unparalleled. Unlike many real estate blogs, which cater to both agents and consumers, Inman is written specifically for active agents. As such, they write extensive reports and white papers, interview the best of the best, and cover breaking news in the world of real estate. Inman also diligently reports on regulations that affect Realtors. Although the price of a subscription can be steep for individuals — $199/year or $57/year — it’s worth the cost. (If you’re part of an agency or brokerage, they do offer group discounts.)

Blogs are a great way to round out your content queue, which is likely already filled with podcasts, books, and TED Talks! A savvy Realtor® should always be eager to learn and stay up-to-date with industry news, and these blogs are sure to keep you motivated and inspired.



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